Electronics and Media

Booth Location: ED #4

We sell Video Games Manga/Anime, Comics, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon, Figures, Collectibles, Board Games. Just about everything Geek.  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!

Phone 1: (352) 651-4723
Name: Ken Tress
Booth Location: E 10

We carry CDs, DVDs, LPs, Books, VHS, T-Shirts and games.

Phone 1: (954) 203-1475
Name: Kim Sherr
Booth Location: D 6

Cups, Mugs, Tumblers, Danco, Attic and Yeti. We also carry Adidas Sneakers and Phone Supplies. 

Phone 1: (813) 624-9993
Booth Location: 66

Come check out our selection of Blue Tooth speakers and Electronics. We also carry Liquid Blue Mountain T-Shirts.

Phone 1: (352) 422-8760
Booth Location: FM32

Low Price Computers

Low Price Repairs

Done With Pride

Phone 1: 352-464-0460