BK’S Cafe
33 – 39 Main

Sit-down restaurant dealing in American style foods

Blanket Dog
End of aisle G

We make Blanket Dogs, sausage and Burgers. We make homemade bread and wrap all  beef hot dogs, polish sausage and angus burgers and bake them fresh everyday. We also have fresh squeezed lemonade, sodas, and brewed ice tea.

Next to Office RS-7

Flavored Kettle Corn, Gourmet Flavors of Kettle Corn Including Cheddar Cheese and Jalopeno

Dixie Dog
Dixie Dog

We have been at Howard’ s Flea Market since the start! Almost 40 years!

We specialize in our secret homemade Dixie batter, Deep fried to a Golden Brown perfection!

You haven’t had a real corn dog till you’ve had a Dixie Dog!

We also serve fresh home made lemonade.

We are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday- Year round!

Lil Orbits Mini Donuts

Mini donuts, coffee
Our donuts are out of this world!

Sarsaparilla Bill’s

Old time and hard to find soda’s